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  • Jay Bhatti

    Jay Bhatti

    Venture Capitalist Investing In Direct To Consumer

  • The Educative Team

    The Educative Team

    Master in-demand coding skills with Educative’s hands-on courses & tutorials.

  • Desi Ratna Ningsih

    Desi Ratna Ningsih

    Data Science Enthusiast, Remote Worker, Course Trainer, Archery Coach, Psychology and Philosophy Student

  • Rakia Ben Sassi

    Rakia Ben Sassi

    Senior Software Engineer, TechLead, Speaker | Psychology & Creativity Enthusiast ツ I write about engineering, technology, & leadership - My Udemy course

  • Personal Growth

    Personal Growth


  • Codica Team

    Codica Team

    Software development consultancy. We are passionate about innovations and create great online marketplaces with Ruby on Rails, React, Vue and Angular.

  • Practical DevSecOps

    Practical DevSecOps

    Learn DevSecOps from Industry experts with practical, hands-on training in our state of the art online lab and achieve your DevSecOps Certification.

  • Muhammad Yuga N.

    Muhammad Yuga N.

  • Novindra Prasetio

    Novindra Prasetio

    Data Science Enthusiast | Indonesia

  • Len Epp

    Len Epp

    Startup cofounder. I like to write about tech, publishing, the interwebs, politics, and such.

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